A short, inspirational BBG Workout based on the BBG Kayla Itsines legend

3 Jun

A short, inspirational BBG Workout based on the BBG Kayla Itsines legend

bbg kayla itsines

The legend already given here is an abbreviation of the legendary Australian health and fitness guru’s branded Bikini Body Workout. The rest of this article is also informed by what any one Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review will be telling you in depth about the legend that is bbg kayla itsines. In fact, any first time reader could be non-plussed as to just how Kayla Itsines could be a legend, ahead of her time and very much a leader of the pack in the health and fitness and wellness game. After all, her body clock has not yet chimed to the pivotal age of forty.

And if you look a little closer, her absolutely fabulous looks even belie her true young age. But the fact of the matter is that Kayla has been in the health and fitness game long enough to become a wise sage. That is because she has put every effort of her own brain power into formulating weight loss and strength building programs that actually work. Strength requires muscles, you will all agree. Kayla, however, has ditched the notion that you need big and bulky muscles to achieve that objective, getting to rub shoulders with the boys.

Why not hold a handsome fellah’s hand instead? Isn’t that what every girl dreams of anyhow? And don’t most girls dream of being able to strut about shamelessly in their bikinis on the beach for all and sundry to see. But reality bites. Most girls aren’t able to do this. They are just so darn ashamed. It’s not nice having those flabby bobs and bits hanging all over like that. And look at those thunder thighs wobble. You can almost feel the ground shake as your heart booms like thunder. Just a few paces here and there and you are gasping for breath.

You feel like a hopeless wreck. And so you are, to be truthful. But all is not lost. Just because things seem hopeless now, doesn’t mean that they will stay that way. Just because you have Kayla and all her mates around to help you, doesn’t mean that everything’s going to be slim and fine and hunky dory by tomorrow. You, yes, you, still need to make the first move. Come on girls, it’s the twenty first century, for goodness’s sake. You don’t have to wait around to be asked. And even if you chose to do that, you could be waiting around for the rest of your life.

Make the move, get into gear and get into shape, lose those giant thunders and flobby flabs, feel great and look forward to breakfast, eggs included, tomorrow morning and soon you’ll have blokes lining up to ask you out. Okay, so granted, it may seem outrageous, but you do get the point. Kayla’s workouts and lifestyle habits work. It’s just up to you to follow through with it.