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Off You Go Then Towards Starting Your Own Blog

From the tone taken, you might have noticed that it is highly encouraging. That, in any case, should be the nature of your blogging career going forward. Now, if you only have aspersions towards starting up a blog purely for personal or academic use without any inclinations to actually make money from your blog (this is something that is both highly recommended and encouraged), you will still need to equip yourself well to create highly engaging content that is going to captivate your readers.

While you get down to the technical aspects of setting up your first blog from online guides like, you should be making every attempt at making it a regular habit of following blogs that are publishing articles or posts of similar nature to what you might have in mind. This is not to suggest that you will be blatantly copying what others have already written. No, not at all. It is purely educational.

You get to appreciate the gist of what is being said. You get a good feel of how those blog posts impress you, or not. In which case ready-made plug-ins leave pre-prepared fields in place in which you get to leave a comment of your own. While you are still learning how to put your first blog together from online spaces like, you, as a commentator on other established blogs, get to start practicing in a live environment.

This is early encouragement for you because you get to see rewards within twenty four hours (at least) after leaving your first comment. This is a good way to gauge how others perceive you. If something appears to be out of kilter, you can always learn from this. But essentially this early active engagement is ideal for you to start building your online reputation. Apart from the technical guides provided to you, as highlighted in the above example, you can also source guides on blog etiquette.

If you are already actively engaged with social media platforms, you could be familiar with this concept. Going forward it is going to be your blog and all your hard work – the setting up of the website and its related plug-ins, the posts, the constructive linking – needs to pay off right from the start. If within a week or month of running your blog, you have already captured ten followers, say, then you can consider this modest showing to be something of an early success.

This is likely to be a slow start for you if you are going to be posting on subjects not entirely popular. Anything as cute and quirky as building a bird house to stitching customized cotton handkerchiefs and you get the picture. If your subject is likely to be a popular one, say; NFL or politics, then you had best be prepared for hard work. Guides will teach you a number of rules to be followed in order to build a decent following under the gulf of high traffic volumes.