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How to Know if Your Employees are Honest

Employers need to be proactive if they want to protect their business from dishonest employees. One way they can achieve this goal is by using advanced mobile spy software on the smartphones the employer provides the employees to perform their work.

Reasons to Use Advanced Mobile Spy Software

Employees will generally “look busy” when the boss is around but once the boss is away from the office the employees could engage in activities that are non-productive or could actually steal trade secrets! While the majority of employers use some type of software on the work computer they overlook the smartphones which makes them vulnerable. During work time the employees could go on social networking websites, watch streaming videos or do a whole host of non-productive work while billing you for their time. Without this spy software in place, you would have no way of knowing who is doing what. By having this software in place you will be able to determine which employees are trustworthy and who requires additional attention.

Since the employee is working on “company time” you are within your rights to monitor their activity, especially if it was spelled out in the employment agreement that during “work time” the employee would not engage in these online activities. By compiling this data covertly you can identify potential issues before they turn into full-blown problems. Prior to acting on any of the information, you gather from the mobile spy software you first need to speak with your attorney to make sure you are not breaking any privacy or labor laws.

How Mobile Spy Software Works

The software is downloaded and installed into the smartphone. This app will have a name that shouldn’t raise the suspicions of the person being spied upon. After the app has been configured it will connect to the Internet and stream data to a remote control panel you can observe. Since the app is running in the background the employee would never know they are being monitored. Depending on the level of observation you want to have in place the software could track keystrokes, text messages sent and received all the way to taking remote photos of the employee to make sure they are using the phone.

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There will be some individuals who think that this level of observation would stifle productivity but it shouldn’t, provided that the employee is actually working. If the application is not slowing down the smartphone and they are doing their job then they have nothing to worry about. What you will need to do is develop a procedure of routinely monitoring the activity of your employees so you are not always staring at the control panel to make sure they are working. Over the course of time, you should be able to identify the employees that can be trusted and those who cannot. While this topic is not always pleasant by removing the dishonest employees your chances of making money and staying in business should grow dramatically.